PDI 1.2.2

Data exchange made easy


PDI supports loose coupling of simulation codes with libraries:

  • the simulation code is annotated in a library-agnostic way,
  • libraries are used from the specification tree.

This approach works well for a number of concerns including: parameters reading, data initialization, post-processing, result storage to disk, visualization, fault tolerance, logging, inclusion as part of code-coupling, inclusion as part of an ensemble run, etc.

User documentation

  1. Installation
  2. PDI usage
  3. Core concepts
  4. First steps
  5. Tutorial
  6. PDI example
  7. C API reference
  8. Specification tree reference
  9. List of PDI plugins

Developer documentation

  1. Plugin creation tutorial
  2. API for plugin developers

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If you have any problem with installation, running or understanding PDI, please contact us on our Slack channel https://bit.ly/2OPmhA9. We will be happy to help ( ဖ‿ဖ)人(စ‿စ )

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