PDI 1.4.3

the PDI data interface

Plugin API reference
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 CArray_datatypeArray_datatype is a Datatype that represents an array: i.e storage of multiple elements of the same type continuously in memory
 CIndex_accessorAccessor to get single element from array
 CSlice_accessorAccessor to get a slice of an array, returns array of the same subtype
 CIteratorAn iterator used to go through the descriptor store
 CDatatypeA Datatype is a Datatype_template that accepts no argument
 CAccessor_baseBase class for datatype accesssors, that allow to get pointer to subtype
 CLoggerWrapper for spdlog::logger with additional pattern getter method
 CParaconf_wrapperAutomatically installs a paraconf error-handler that ignores errors and uninstalls it on destruction
 CPluginThe class PDI plugins should implement
 CAccessorAccessor for pointer datatype
 CRecord_datatypeA Record_datatype is a Datatype that represents a fixed number of elements of potentially different types layed out in a specific way in memory
 CMemberA Member is one of the elements inside a Record_datatype
 CMember_accessorMember accessor for record datatype
 CRef_anyA dynamically typed reference to data with automatic memory management and read/write locking semantic
 CReference_baseA common base for all references, whatever their access privileges
 CReferenced_bufferA descriptor for a buffer in which references can point
 CReferenced_dataA descriptor for data on which references can point
 NstdSTL namespace
 Chash< PDI::Ref_any< R, W > >
 CPDI_errhandler_tDefinition of an error handler