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PDI::Type_error Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

template<typename S , typename... Args>
 Type_error (const S &format_str, Args &&... args)
 Type_error (Type_error &&)=default
 Type_error (const Type_error &)=default
- Public Member Functions inherited from PDI::Error
 Error (PDI_status_t errcode)
 Creates a PDI error without a message.
template<typename S , typename... Args>
 Error (PDI_status_t errcode, const S &format_str, Args &&... args)
 Creates a PDI error.
 Error (PDI_status_t errcode, const char *message)
 Creates a PDI error.
const char * what () const noexcept override
PDI_status_t status () const noexcept
 Returns status of the error.

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Attributes inherited from PDI::Error
PDI_status_t m_status
 status of the error
std::string m_what
 message of the error

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

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template<typename S , typename... Args>
PDI::Type_error::Type_error ( const S &  format_str,
Args &&...  args 

◆ Type_error() [2/3]

PDI::Type_error::Type_error ( Type_error &&  )

◆ Type_error() [3/3]

PDI::Type_error::Type_error ( const Type_error )

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