PDI 1.3.1

the PDI data interface

The MPI plugin

WARNING This documentation is a work in progress and does not reflect the full MPI plugin potential.

MPI plugin defines 2 types in PDI:

  • MPI_Comm - C MPI_Comm type
  • MPI_Comm_f - Fortran MPI_Comm type

MPI plugin exposes several metadata that correspond with mpi library.

  • MPI_COMM_WORLD.rank - an integer value, represents the rank of the proccess in the MPI_COMM_WORLD
  • MPI_COMM_WORLD - a MPI_Comm, MPI_COMM_WORLD for C language
  • MPI_COMM_SELF - a MPI_Comm, MPI_COMM_SELF for C language
  • MPI_COMM_NULL - a MPI_Comm, MPI_COMM_NULL for C language
  • MPI_COMM_WORLD_F - an integer, MPI_COMM_WORLD for Fortran language
  • MPI_COMM_SELF_F - an integer, MPI_COMM_SELF for Fortran language
  • MPI_COMM_NULL_F - an integer, MPI_COMM_NULL for Fortran language

All above metadata are available from PDI_init call to PDI_finalize call.

At the yaml tree root plugin is a map that contains the following keys:

"logging" (optional)a logging
"transtype" (optional)a transtype map

transtype map

A transtype map can be used to transtype between C and Fortran MPI communicators. It is a mapping that in key has the name of data with communicator to transtype and in value the name of data where to write transtyped communicator.


mpi_comm: MPI_Comm
mpi_comm_f: MPI_Comm_f
mpi_comm: m_mpi_comm_f
mpi_comm_f: m_mpi_comm